• Advancing Leaders in Atlantic Agriculture

    Established in 1994, we develop emerging agricultural leaders to confidently and courageously shape the future of the Atlantic and Canadian rural and agricultural sectors.

  • Atlantic Agricultural Leadership Program

    Establish networks with leaders from Atlantic Canada and beyond.

  • Sowing Ideas..Harvesting Leaders

    Learn how political, cultural, social, economic and physical forces impact the agri-food industry

Expanding Horizons. About the Program.

The Atlantic Agricultural Leadership Program (AALP) provides an 18-month, advanced-level training to leaders in the agricultural industry.
Through workshops and study tours, leaders are equipped with both the hard and soft skills they need to strategically lead their industry.
The Atlantic agricultural industry needs effective leadership to ensure it can evolve and continue to be viable into the future. AALP develops leaders from New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Founded in 1994, the program has a solid track record of shaping the young men and women that will lead their agricultural industry for years to come.